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Explosion-proof execution mechanisms

Mechanisms ERI (MEOF) in explosion-proof design are designed for operation in rooms and outdoor installations in which explosive mixtures can be formed. The level of explosion protection mechanisms ERI-IIBT4 and MEOF-IIBT4 — «explosion-proof» with the type of protection «flameproof enclosure» — marking «1ExdIIBT4» or «1ExedIIBT4».

The factory of executive mechanisms PROMPRIVOD supplies explosion-proof mechanisms in the lever or flange version.

Symbol of mechanisms Power consumption, W Supply voltage, control device Degree of protection Weight, kg
ERI(F) 10/10-0,25-IIBT4 110 380В PBR-3, FCZ-0620 IP65 по GOST 14254 12,5
ERI(F) 16/10-0,25-IIBT4 100
ERI(F) 16/25-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 32/15-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 40/25-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 40/63-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 16/63-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 40/63-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 40/10-0,25-IIBT4 140
ERI(F) 40/25-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 64/10-0,25-IIBT4 110
ERI(F) 64/25-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 160/63-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 100/63-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 100/25-0,25-IIBT4 140
ERI(F) 100/63-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 250/63-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 250/160-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 100/10-0,25-IIBT4 250
ERI(F) 100/25-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 250/25-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 250/63-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 200/10-0,25-IIBT4 170 32
ERI(F) 200/25-0,63-IIBT4
ERI (F)500/63-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 500/100-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 630/63-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 500/25-0,25-IIBT4 200 75
ERI(F) 500/63-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 250/10-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 250/25-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 630/25-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 630/63-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 1000/63-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 1000/160-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 630/10-0,25-IIBT4 300 138
ERI(F) 1000/10-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 1000/25-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 1600/25-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 1600/63-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 2500/63-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 2500/160-0,63-IIBT4
ERI(F) 1600/10-0,25-IIBT4 370 270
ERI(F) 2000/10-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 2000/15-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 2000/25-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 2500/10-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 2500/25-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 4000/10-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 4000/12-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 4000/25-0,25-IIBT4
ERI(F) 4000/63-0,25-IIBT4
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